GPS-assisted hiking

Hiking with GPS devices means hiking without the stress of orientation, and is great fun! The South Eifel can be discovered and hiked across on many hiking routes with different lengths, independent of signage and markings. Your GPS device will lead you safely through our diverse landscape and let you focus on looking at the important things.

GPS devices can be hired from the Bitburger Land tourist information centre for 7.50 EUR/day. Deposit for one GPS device: 5 EUR.

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Hochwaldromantik, © NaturAktivErleben

Closed EifelBahnSteig - 19th stage: From St. Thomas to Kyllburg

Lenght: 24.1 km
Route: Bahnhof Sankt Thomas to Bahnhof Kyllburg
Difficulty: difficult

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Musikpavillon bei Kyllburg, © NaturAktivErleben

Closed EifelBahnSteig - 20th stage: From Kyllburg to Bitburg-Erdorf

Lenght: 19.9 km
Route: Bahnhof Kyllburg to Bahnhof Bitburg-Erdorf
Difficulty: difficult

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