Closed EifelBahnSteig - 19th stage: From St. Thomas to Kyllburg


Due to the flood event in July 2021, the route is not completely passable. The Eifel railway line is currently not passable.
The start and finish of this stage are closely intertwined historically: The lonely monastery of Saint Thomas was massively threatened by the knight Rudolf von Malberg; therefore, the Archbishop of Trier had Kyllburg Castle built to protect the monastery and as a bulwark against the Malberg.

Before we head for this destination, we take another wide curve, this time to the west of the Eifel railway. Like the 18th stage, this one also draws its special charm from the changing riverside paths. We start in Sankt Thomas an Teichen and hike for a long time up the Heilbach; later through a former overburden area, which nature has reclaimed, to before the village of Neidenbach. When we reach the Neidenbach, we walk downhill through its valley for about 3.5 km, then after a detour into a side valley until we reach the village of Malbergweich, which we circle in a large arc. We then cross the picturesque Talbachgraben and descend through it to the Kyll. Here we are greeted by magnificent meadow landscapes, which we can enjoy - possibly with a detour to Malberg Castle - all the way to Kyllburg.

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Please note: This hike is purely a GPS hike and is not signposted on site! 
You can download the GPS coordinates as a GPX track onto your mobile phone and open it in a corresponding app, e.g. Outdooractive, GPX Viewer.

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More information about this route

Start: Bahnhof Sankt Thomas

Destination: Bahnhof Kyllburg

Distance: 24.1 km

Duration: 6:0 h

Difficulty: difficult

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