The Bitburger Land offers many opportunities for fishing enthusiasts. In idyllic ponds and lakes are eels, carp, trout, pike perch and other fish at home

If you want to go fishing, you need a federal fishing license. You will geht this at the Registration office (Rathausplatz 4 in Bitburg / Marktplatz 8 in Kyllburg). The federal fishing license costs for a year 12,- Euro, for five years 41,- Euro. 

In addition to the federal fishing license, a fishing license or a permit is required for the respective river/lake.

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Die Kyll, © Tourist-Information Bitburger Land

Angeln an der Kyll


Fishing Area River Kyll


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Kyll bei Fließem, © Marc Leinen

Angeln in der Kyll bei Fließem


Fishing area at the Kyll


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Prümtal, © TI Bitburger Land

Angeln-Strecke des SFV Petri Heil an der Prüm


Fishing is possible on the 1. 5 km long and 15-25 m wide fishing line on the Prüm river.

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Angelweiher in Burbach, © Angelverein Burbach

Angelweiher in Burbach


Fishing pond in Burbach.

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Angeln in Fließem, © Keller Art Design

Angelweiher in Fließem


Fishing pond Fließem


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Angler im Kylltal, © TI Bitburger Land

Fishing on the Kyll near Speicher

Fishing in the VG Speicher.

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