Stausee Bitburg, © team 360_Benjamin Treib


The delightfully located Stausee Bitburg reservoir in Biersdorf am See, in the Prüm valley, is the tourism centre of the South Eifel. On and by the lake, measuring 35 hectares and surrounded by bright-red sandstone rock, visitors can indulge in various leisure activities. Numerous viewing points offer a magnificent panoramic view of Bitburger Land, predominantly shaped by agriculture and mixed woodland. Orchards lend the cultural landscape its characteristic appearance. Especially in the area of the Naturpark Südeifel, the region will captivate you with its rich flora and fauna. Here, rare animal and plant species find the space they need to live. Sparing farming and forestry, and specific care measures are the prerequisite for the characteristic landscapes to maintain their variety of habitats.

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