Schloss Malberg, © Ferienregion Bitburger Land

Sights & Activities

Here you will find all the sights and activities of the Bitburger Land!

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Frühlingszeit auf der BUrg Rittersdorf, © TI Bitburger Land

Rittersdorf Castle


The nearly 700 year-old water castle is located three kilometers north of Bitburg in Rittersdorf. It houses in the Gothic Knights' Hall, the registrar's office (branch) of the District Administration of the Bitburg region.


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Glockenspiel, © Tourist-Information Bitburger Land

Tower of Bells, Bitburg


The Bitburg Tower of Bells was donated by Bitburg’s Trade Union. At five after the hour, the bells play a German Folk Song. The doors then open up and depict figures of the local tradesmen and their crafts.

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Römerstraße Meilbrück, © ARGO - Augmented Archaeology (Universität Trier)

ARGO Roman Road Meckel-Meilbrück


Experience ancient reality on the go with ARGO - Augmented Archaeology.

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Kapelle zur Schmerzhaften Gottesmutter Dockendorf, © Tourist-Information Bitburger Land

Chapel of the Sorrowful Mother of God


The Chapel of the Sorrowful Mother of God (municipality of Dockendorf) is located on the circular hiking trail no. 89 of the Southern Eifel Nature Park.

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Luftaufnahme Stiftskirche Kyllburg, © ©Eifel Tourismus GmbH, Dominik Ketz

Collegiate Church Kyllburg


The Stiftskirche, built in 1276, is the most important building in Kyllburg. Most valuable of all are its Renaissance windows.



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Gäßestrepper Brunnen Bitburg, © TI Bitburger Land

"De Beberijer Gäßestrepper"


The "Gäßestrepper" refers to an old town legend.

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Ostbaumlehrpfad in Kyllburg, © TI Bitburger Land

Kyllburg Fruit Tree Trail


The fruit tree nature trail on the Stiftsberg in Kyllburg shows different types of fruit in the parsonage meadow.

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Der restaurierte Kalkofen, © Verkehrverein Kyllburg

Lime kiln


Lime was already burnt by the Romans 2000 years ago. For the Eifel farmers, lime burning was an important and necessary secondary income in the 19th and beginning of the 20th century.

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Treverer-Pferde in Bitburg, © TI Bitburger Land

Statue of Treverer Horses


Situated in front of Bitburg’s County Hall is a bronze statue of Treverer Horses to honour Bitburg’s Celtic past.

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Schloss Hamm, © Tourist-Information Bitburger Land

Hamm Castle


The late medieval fortress from the 14th Century in Hamm near Bitburg is the largest of the castles in the Eifel still privately occupied. Here you can celebrate special occasions, be civilly married, get religiously married the Baroque chapel, dine in the Knights Hall, dance, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, hold a champagne reception in the courtyard and much more…

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