Römermauer Bitburg

Sights & Activities

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Have a look, or “kuck es hei” as people in Eifel say - Bitburger Land has a variety of journey destinations for all tastes.

What is it going to be today? Would you like to go on an exciting trip with the whole family? Do you want to dive into the colourful history of our region? Or are you just going to enjoy the splendid nature in Bitburger Land?

We have created a list for you, with all the sights there are to discover here! Enjoy!

Gäßestrepper Brunnen Bitburg, © TI Bitburger Land

"De Beberijer Gäßestrepper"


The "Gäßestrepper" refers to an old town legend.

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Römische Langmauer

"Long Wall" at Herforst


In the community forest of Herforst, the so-called "Arenberg Forest", there are still remains of this wall as a 1 m-high stone wall with original foundations.

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Impressionen 1, © Carsten Lenz - Nengshof

Abenteuer Natur auf dem Nengshof


Adventure Nature - At Nengshof we get closer to nature - with fun, relaxation and adventure Events in the open air nature.

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Kyll bei Malberg und Kyllburg, © Tourist Information Bitburger Land

Angeln an der Kyll


Fishing Area River Kyll.

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Angelweiher in Fließem, © Keller Art Design

Angeln in der Kyll bei Fließem


Fishing area at the Kyll


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Angelweiher in Burbach, © Angelverein BUrbach

Angelweiher in Burbach


Fishing pond in Burbach.

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Angelweiher in Fließem, © Keller Art Design

Angelweiher in Fließem


Fishing pond Fließem


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Theaterstiftung, © TI Bitburger Land

Archaeological Tour

Lenght: 1 km
Route: Rathausplatz to Kobenhof
Difficulty: easy
Round tour, Family-friendly, Barrier-free

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Impressionen Badminton, © Pixabay

Badminton im Dorint Seehotel


Badmoniton in the Dorint Hotel in Biersdorf am See.

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Ballon Peter Manns, © Fem_Peter Manns

balloon ride over the Eifel


The ride in a hot air balloon is without a doubt a mesmerizing adventure. You can experience endless liberty at dizzying heights as you drift through the various Eifel landscapes.

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