Römermauer Bitburg

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Have a look, or “kuck es hei” as people in Eifel say - Bitburger Land has a variety of journey destinations for all tastes.

What is it going to be today? Would you like to go on an exciting trip with the whole family? Do you want to dive into the colourful history of our region? Or are you just going to enjoy the splendid nature in Bitburger Land?

We have created a list for you, with all the sights there are to discover here! Enjoy!

Bitburger Marken-Erlebniswelt 1, © Bitburger Marken-Erlebniswelt

Bitburger Marken-Erlebniswelt


See, hear, feel, smell and taste what makes our beer so special.

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Angel-Strecke des SFV Petri Heil an der Prüm


Fishing is possible on the 1. 5 km long and 15-25 m wide fishing line on the Prüm river.

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Pferdemarkt, © Tourist-Information Bitburger Land

The Horse-Market in Bitburg


The bronze statue on the Pferdemarkt, the Horse Market, was designed by one of Bitburg’s own sculptors, Roger Delleré. The figure is to remind us of an era when horse and cattle markets were a daily occurrence and contributed largely to the town’s economic development…

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High Ropes Course


The beautifully situated Biersdorf reservoir is considered Bitburg's nearest leisure oasis par excellence.

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Eissporthalle Bitburg 01, © Eissporthalle Bitburg

Ice skating at the Bitburg ice ring


The ice rink at the Südring (next to the Bitburger brewery) in Bitburg offers a special treat during the cold season. Ice-skating for adults and children is possible six days a week. Gently glide on narrow blades over ice, make curves or turn pirouettes to beautiful music; everyone will enjoy this winter fun…

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Planwagenfahrt, © River Ranch

River Ranch - Planwagenfahrt & Reiterferien


Covered wagon ride including catering, perfect for company parties, Christmas celebrations etc.

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Wasserburg Seinsfeld

Wasserburg Seinsfeld


Well preserved historical castle complex, almost circular. The castle is surrounded by a wide moat.

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In 1646 a replica of the Chapel of the Assumption near Jerusalem was built on the hill between Oberkail and Schwarzenborn.

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Bad, © Dorint Seehotel Biersdorf am See

Schwimmbad im Dorint Resort Bitburg Südeifel


Swimmingpool with Wellness Area in the Dorint Hotel in Biersdorf am See.

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Hubertusbrunnen, © Tourist-Information Bitburger Land

Kneipp-Wassertretbecken Hubertusbrunnen


Water treading pool on the circular hiking trail no. 89 of the South Eifel Nature Park.

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