Römermauer Bitburg

Sights & Activities

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Have a look, or “kuck es hei” as people in Eifel say - Bitburger Land has a variety of journey destinations for all tastes.

What is it going to be today? Would you like to go on an exciting trip with the whole family? Do you want to dive into the colourful history of our region? Or are you just going to enjoy the splendid nature in Bitburger Land?

We have created a list for you, with all the sights there are to discover here! Enjoy!


Bitburger Beerfountain


Located in front of the brewery and next to the restaurant, Simonbraeu, is the Bitburger Beerfountain. The fountain, which was built in 1937 by the Mayener sculptor, Professor Burger, originally stood on the Marktplatz, the town square. After WW II, it was erected to its present location…

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Impressionen Motorrad, © Beda Motorrad Events

Beda Motorrad Events


We offer relaxed motorbike tours and enjoyable bike hiking in the Eifel and the neighboring regions.

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Spangdahlem entombment group of Christ


In the chapel there are three sculpture groups: the Entombment group from 1643, the Lamentation, or "Holy Grave" group, and the Resurrection group created in 1750.

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Schloss Hamm, © Graf von Westerholt

Schloss Hamm


The late medieval fortress from the 14th Century in Hamm near Bitburg is the largest of the castles in the Eifel still privately occupied. Here you can celebrate special occasions, be civilly married, get religiously married the Baroque chapel, dine in the Knights Hall, dance, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, hold a champagne reception in the courtyard and much more…

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Treverer-Pferde, © Tourist-Information Bitburger und Speicherer Land

Statue of Treverer Horses


Situated in front of Bitburg’s County Hall is a bronze statue of Treverer Horses to honour Bitburg’s Celtic past.

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Tower of Bells, Bitburg


The Bitburg Tower of Bells was donated by Bitburg’s Trade Union. At five after the hour, the bells play a German Folk Song. The doors then open up and depict figures of the local tradesmen and their crafts.

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Eifelpark Blitz Achterbahn, © Eifelpark Gondorf

Leisure and Animal Park "Eifelpark"


The Eifelpark, a combination of leisure and wildlife park, offers pure enjoyment on an area covering the equivalant of 100 football pitches.


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Stausee Biersdorf

Recreation al fun with "AFunti"


The recreational agency AFUNTI offers recreational activities in and around the Bitburg Reservoir and in the Eifel region for everyone.

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Gäßestrepper Ziege, © TI Bitburger Land

"De Beberijer Gäßestrepper"


The "Gäßestrepper" refers to an old town legend.

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tandem skydiving


A revolutionary idea in skydiving quickly became a hit in Germany: passenger jumping with the tandem system, sometimes called "kangaroo jumping". This extraordinary experience is also possible in Bitburg.

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