Schloss Malberg, © Ferienregion Bitburger Land

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Have a look, or “kuck es hei” as people in Eifel say - Bitburger Land has a variety of journey destinations for all tastes.

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Kloster St. Thomas - Westfassade, © Rudolf Höser

Kloster St. Thomas

St. Thomas

The Cistercian monastery was founded in 1185 to honour the Archbishop of Canterbury.

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Mariengrotte Albach, © Tourist-Information Bitburger Land

Mariengrotte Albach


East of Bitburg, about 3 km away, lies the Albachtal in an idyllic limestone gorge. Stairs of natural stone (caution: danger of slipping) lead to the enchanted place of the Mariengrotte. Moss, ferns and clover line the path to the left and right. After a short time, the view of a waterfall and the Mariengrotte opens up…

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Bierbrunnen, © TI Bitburger Land

Bitburger Beerfountain


Located in front of the brewery and next to the restaurant, Simonbraeu, is the Bitburger Beerfountain. The fountain, which was built in 1937 by the Mayener sculptor, Professor Burger, originally stood on the Marktplatz, the town square. After WW II, it was erected to its present location…

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Burg Dudeldorf, © Tourist-Information Bitburger Land

Dudeldorf Castle


The listed building is not only being used as living quarters but also as a place to offer high-quality cultural venues. Theatre, concerts and exhibits take place inside and outside the castle.

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Oberes Stadttor, © Tourist-Information Bitburger Land

Historischer Ortskern von Dudeldorf


The former farming town has retained its medieval charm until today.

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Kapelle Nikolausberg, © TI Bitburger Land

Spangdahlem entombment group of Christ


In the chapel there are three sculpture groups: the Entombment group from 1643, the Lamentation, or "Holy Grave" group, and the Resurrection group created in 1750.

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Glockenspiel, © Tourist-Information Bitburger Land

Tower of Bells, Bitburg


The Bitburg Tower of Bells was donated by Bitburg’s Trade Union. At five after the hour, the bells play a German Folk Song. The doors then open up and depict figures of the local tradesmen and their crafts.

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Frohnertkapelle Oberkail



In 1646 a replica of the Chapel of the Assumption near Jerusalem was built on the hill between Oberkail and Schwarzenborn.

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Burgruine Bettingen, © Tourist-Information Bitburger Land

Burg Bettingen


Bettingen castle ruin.

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Gruppe am Pferdemarkt, © Tourist-Information Bitburger Land

The Horse-Market in Bitburg


The bronze statue on the Pferdemarkt, the Horse Market, was designed by one of Bitburg’s own sculptors, Roger Delleré. The figure is to remind us of an era when horse and cattle markets were a daily occurrence and contributed largely to the town’s economic development…

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