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South Eifel Nature Park

The South Eifel Nature Park is the oldest nature park in Rhineland-Palatinate and the second-oldest in Germany. The park, which straddles the German border, consists of 432 sq km on the Rhineland-Palatinate side and 357 sq km on the Luxembourg side. It is divided into two areas with different types of landscape: the northern part, which belongs to the Rhenish Massif, and the southern part, belonging to the Bitburger Gutland, an area which forms the transition into the Moselle region. These two parts, of different altitudes, are separated by the Islek area. Typical of the landscape of this nature park are closedwooded areas, intersected by the romantic river and stream valleys of the Sauer, Our, Irren, Enz, Prüm, Nims and Kyll and interrupted by areas of open landscape and small Eifel villages. The range of landscapes in this region is reflected in the great diversity of flora and fauna. The dry limestone hollows, for example, are home to 32 varieties of orchid. The nature park is also a safe haven for rare species of bird, such as kingfishers, white-throated dippers and grey wagtails.

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South Eifel Nature Park

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