Römerlager auf Villa Otrang, © Ferienregion Bitburger Land

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Bitburg is exactly one day's march from Augusta Treverorum, today's Trier. The Romans already appreciated the beauty of this stretch of countryside when they laid the foundation stone for today's settlement 2,000 years ago with the "vicus beda". The then street village quickly developed into a flourishing place until it was destroyed by the Germanic tribes in 275 AD. Because of the strategic importance of the site, the Romans built a fortified castle with walls, towers and gates on the same spot around 340 AD. Traces of the Romans can still be found in the Bitburg region today, for example in the Roman Villa Otrang near Fließem or during a walk along the former city wall on the Archaeological Trail in Bitburg.

Information on other Roman sights can be found at the "Straßen der Römer".

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Villa Otrang Luftaufnahme, © GDKE-Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier, Thomas Zühmer

Villa Otrang, relicts of Roman glory


This is how luxurious and pleasant country living was for rich Romans. Take a look at the artistic mosaic floor! And then the beautiful view.


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Langmauer Herforst, © TI Bitburger Land

Roman long wall


In the community forest of Herforst, the so-called "Arenberg Forest", there are still remains of this wall as a 1 m-high stone wall with original foundations.

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Museum Speicher, © Tourist-Information Bitburger Land

Museum Speicher


The museum of Speicher offers an insight into the everyday life of our ancestors. The museum’s highlights include the exhibition entitled “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”, which shows how the people of the Eifel converted war materials into everyday objects…

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Archäologischer Parcours Bitburg - Römermauer, © Tourist-Information Bitburger Land
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Bitburg archeological trail


Ancient walls and a virtual Roman world: Using augmented reality and the latest technology, a stroll around the Eifel beer metropolis becomes a journey through time.

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