Schloss Malberg, © Ferienregion Bitburger Land

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Have a look, or “kuck es hei” as people in Eifel say - Bitburger Land has a variety of journey destinations for all tastes.

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Stiftskirche, © Tourist-Information Bitburger Land

Stiftskirche Kyllburg


The Stiftskirche, built in 1276, is the most important building in Kyllburg. Most valuable of all are its Renaissance windows.



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Kolmeshöhe, © Tourist-Information Bitburger Land

Kolmeshoehe Cemetery


The "Ehrenfriedhof" in Bitburg is a commemorative cemetery for soldiers who died in both World Wars. The cemetery attracted world-wide attention in 1985 causing a great deal of controversy from the Jewish communities as well as the Veterans of WWII. The President of United States, Ronald Reagan and West German chancellor Helmut Kohl were to visit Kolmeshoehe to lay a wreath on a tombstone…

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Oberweiser Kreuze Weg Station 6, © P.J. Evertz

path of crosses in Oberweis

Lenght: 14.8 km
Route: Brechter Weg, Oberweis to Brechter Weg, Oberweis
Difficulty: intermediate

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Äpfel, © TI Bitburger Land

Obstbaumlehrpfad Kyllburg


The fruit tree nature trail on the Stiftsberg in Kyllburg shows different types of fruit in the parsonage meadow.

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Frohnertkapelle Oberkail



In 1646 a replica of the Chapel of the Assumption near Jerusalem was built on the hill between Oberkail and Schwarzenborn.

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Kapelle Nikolausberg, © TI Bitburger Land

Spangdahlem entombment group of Christ


In the chapel there are three sculpture groups: the Entombment group from 1643, the Lamentation, or "Holy Grave" group, and the Resurrection group created in 1750.

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Schloss Hamm, © Tourist-Information Bitburger Land

Schloss Hamm


The late medieval fortress from the 14th Century in Hamm near Bitburg is the largest of the castles in the Eifel still privately occupied. Here you can celebrate special occasions, be civilly married, get religiously married the Baroque chapel, dine in the Knights Hall, dance, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, hold a champagne reception in the courtyard and much more…

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Oberes Stadttor, © Tourist-Information Bitburger Land

Historischer Ortskern von Dudeldorf


The former farming town has retained its medieval charm until today.

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Stadtmodell Hauptstraße, © Tourist-Information Bitburger Land

city model of Bitburg


The bronze model of the city of Bitburg can be found at Spittel Square in the pedestrian area. It was donated by Dr. -Hanns-Simon-Stiftung and shows the layout of the modern city centre. Especially blind people get an accurate impression of their surroundings…

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Archäologischer Parcours - Bauinschrift, © TI Bitburger Land

Bitburg archeological trail


Ancient walls and a virtual Roman world: Using augmented reality and the latest technology, a stroll around the Eifel beer metropolis becomes a journey through time.


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