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Bitburg was already bustling back in Roman times. The street settlement of Beda was on one of the most important traffic routes and was home to businesses, eateries, accommodation, temples and a theatre. After the Teutons decimated the area, a well-fortified fort was built with walls, towers and gates, and the extensive remains of the walls still define the cityscape today.
Follow the multimedia archaeological trail through the inner city! Information boards and columns provide interesting background details and a smartphone app offers pictures, films and language files. Structural elements are visualised in a 360° representation using augmented reality. Roman finds can also be seen at Kreismuseum Bitburg. Include a detour to the nearby Otrang Roman Villa in your plans. Its precious mosaic floors are impressive and the villa bears witness to the opulent lifestyles of the Roman nobility.
The archaeological trail is mostly wheelchair and pushchair-accessible, although unfortunately, there are two steps at one point.

Walk through the idyllic Eifel landscape searching for signs of the ancient settlement of Marcomagus. Or just get on board the Roman touring wagon!

This is the ideal location for cultural wellness; entertaining, stimulating and not at all dry, even if the bath water is missing. Treat yourself to an enjoyable break!

UNESCO considers this illustrated Roman burial monument to be one of the most important cultural treasures in the world. Just go and have a look. You simply have to see it.

Idyllically positioned amongst the vines with a beautiful view of the Mosel Valley, a stop-off at the Roman burial site is highly recommended for exciting journeys through time.

This mysterious Roman mine and quarry lies in the heart of a beautiful forest landscape with an idyllic stream valley. Just take your hiking boots with you!

The people of ancient times were very technically advanced! And that is exactly what you can experience here - presented in a modern, vivid and highly educational manner.

Roman soldiers once protected a pre-modern industrial belt here, which had the volcanic activity of the Eifel to thank for its riches. Enjoy the insights and views.

A modern, interactive exhibition and an ancient, bizarre quarry provide a deep insight into one of the most historic industrial belts thanks to the volcanic activity of the Eifel.

A station along the Roman roads.

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