Villa Otrang, relicts of Roman glory


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Precious remains of a grandiose country estate rescued! The 19th century was an exciting time for archaeology, because people became ever more enthusiastic about history. When a farmer stumbled across precious mosaics while working near Bitburg, he didn’t just plough over them. The find was secured and protective buildings were erected, which themselves are now protected as well. Just go and see it. Today, we know that there was once a huge estate near the village Fließem, with a richly decorated manor house, baths and even its own temple complex. Of course, there was also a heating system. The residential tract included a commercial sector with various buildings. Today, the precious mosaic floors that once adorned the manorial rooms fascinate. The villa faced the important Roman road from Trier to Cologne, and if you carry on to Bitburg you will come to an important former Roman street settlement with a large fort. The city’s Roman history is revealed through an interesting, multi-media archaeological trail.

A station along the Roman roads.


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At a glance

Opening hours

  • From January 1st to December 31st

    Due to the current Corona pandemic, the Villa Otrang shelters are closed for tours.


    The exterior of Villa Otrang is open to the public.

    Information panels in German, English, French and Dutch inform visitors about the Roman estate and what products were grown there in Roman times. Reconstruction drawings and the floor plan visible from the outside make it possible to experience the magnificent manor house in its enormous size with over 60 rooms. Visible from the outside is a smaller bathroom, which the rich Roman owner later exchanged for a larger, more luxurious bathroom. You can also learn about how Villa Otrang was rediscovered and protected in the 19th century from the outside.




Römische Villa Otrang
Villa Otrang 1
54636 Fließem

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