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Archaeological Tour


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The town of Bitburg in the year 10 BC: the Romans are constructing a major road from Trier to Cologne. And as a first rest station they build the "vicus" (street village) of Beda in the area of the present town centre of Bitburg.

Bitburg prospers and becomes a flourishing place with inns, merchants, craftsmen, a temple and a thermal bath. In the year 275 AC, the settlement is destroyed by devastating attacks of the Teutons.

Because of its strategical importance, the Romans construct at around 340 AC a fortified castle with walls, towers and gates in the centre of Beda, whose remains characterise the urban appearance of Bitburg up to the present day.

At 11 different waypoints, the Archaeological Rour offers its visitors an excellent impression of the former castellum. Go for a walk on the tracks of the Romans, who founded Bitburg more than 2000 years ago and experience the spirit of history in its original place.

The Archaeological Tour is suitable for people in wheelchairs and families with children’s pushchairs.

Detailed information and translations in English, French and Dutch can be called up free of charge using the "Archaeological Parcours Bitburg" app.


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