Spangdahlem entombment group of Christ


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Spangdahlem is especially historically important for the Nikolausberg with its seven stations of the cross and its chapel with the famous entombment group. Between the protected old linden trees leading up to the St. Nicholas Chapel and the cemetery, there are seven shrines from the 18th Century, also known as the “prostrations". The shrines of red sandstone are in the shape of little chapels. On the roof-shaped niche head, there is a small hewn out five-pointed rosette symbolizing the five wounds of Christ. The shrines have been restored, so that the individual Stations of the Cross are clearly visible. They show: I. The Mount of Olives scene, II. Jesus carries the Cross, III. Jesus falls the first time with the cross, IV. Jesus falls the second time with the cross, V. Crucifixion, VI. Jesus on the cross, VII. the Savior’s death scene. A few steps away is the St. Nicholas Chapel. Its Romanesque tower with a sundial is a remnant of the former church of St. Nicholas from the 12th century. In the chapel there are three sculpture groups: the Entombment group from 1643, the Lamentation, or "Holy Grave" group, and the Resurrection group created in 1750.




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