Musical Tabaluga und Lilli

Oct 6, 2024


Once upon a time, long, long ago, the dragons lived and protected the world from the cold of the ice with the warmth of their fire. But over time, the ice began to destroy all living things. Arktos, a terrible snowman, has the ambition to cover the world with ice. The old dragon Tyrion wants to prepare his little son Tabaluga for his predestined task of protecting the world. But for this Tabaluga must find the True Fire, because only then can he put an end to the machinations of Arktos. Tabaluga has the support of a magician and the dragon now sets out to find the fire. Tabaluga faces many dangers, such as in the form of the spider woman Tarantula, and also learns about beautiful things. Thus Tabaluga learns that the world with all its good and evil is wonderful and worth saving. Arktos wants to prevent Tabaluga from fulfilling his destiny and creates a beautiful being out of pure ice, the girl Lilli. Lilli's only task is to distract Tabaluga from his search for the True Fire. Tabaluga falls in love with Lilli as planned by Arktos, but through this Tabaluga learns about a great and beautiful power: Love.

Tickets are available in the advance booking with all advance booking offices of ticket - regional, e.g. with the tourist information, Roman wall 6, Bitburg, Tel.: 06561-94340

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  • Only at October 6, 2024
    At 16:00


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