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A revolutionary idea in skydiving quickly became a hit in Germany: passenger jumping with the tandem system, sometimes called "kangaroo jumping". This extraordinary experience is also possible in Bitburg. A special parachute system allows tandem jumpers and the passenger to enjoy a wonderful jump and land softly and safely together. No experience is necessary and there is no age limit. We jump year round on the weekends. If desired, you can also have this unique experience recorded on DVD. Tandem-tickets are also an ideal gift idea for anyone looking for adventure and the unusual.

Your jumg Without an extensive course only after a 15 minutes training with your tandem-master you get up to a height between 3000 and 4000 meter. During the climb flight you can enjoy the wonderful views over the beautiful Eifel. On the jumping height arrived the real pleasure begins. You're connected safely to your tandem-master with a special belt system. The free fall lasts for about 45 seconds with a speed of about 200 km/h. In about 1500 meter height the tandem-master activates the main canopy and after about 5-10 minutes hovering you safely and softly land again. An excellent gift idea. For friends, business partners, relatives, as a present for marriage, birthdays, ... Requirements - Good fitting shoes (z.B. Sportshoes) - Comfortable clothing - For minors: Written consent of a parent - Max. weight: 95 kg - No training, no medical certificates, no age restriction

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