Spaß am Wasser der Prüm auf der Stausee-Prümtalroute, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz
  • Distance: 17 km
  • Duration: 4:0 h
  • Difficulty: medium


Biersdorf am See

On wondrous paths through the Prüm valley - hiking on the reservoir Prüm valley route in the NaturWanderPark delux.

The water glistens in the sun, a fountain shoots up in the middle of the Bitburg reservoir and pedal boaters enjoy their ride in the sunshine. The beginning of the reservoir-Prümtal route resembles a stroll along the shore. From there, the hike leads into the curved valley of the Prüm, away from the hustle and bustle into peace and quiet.
Enter a piece of landscape that a century ago was the home of the hermit Jakob Leisen. He called himself Brother Antonius. The simple life in the forest, in the fields and at the brooks around the Prüm valley was enough for him. Filled he was close to his God, humbly serving him with the things he patiently built and left behind.
Your first place of leisure will be the former hermitage in the mountain forest. Here stands the small chapel that Brother Anthony built. The book made of beech wood reminds of the hermit and on a blackboard he is told his story.

The hermit's words seem to echo as you hike further up the valley. After a few meters of ascent, a completely different world surprisingly reveals itself behind a bend: the view falls on the magnificent, medieval Hamm Castle. This is where wedding couples say "I do" and celebrate with their guests. There are many other wonders to discover along the trail. Numerous medicinal herbs grow along the way and the rugged rock landscapes with their millions of years old inclusions tell their own story.

Your further path circles the village of Echtershausen and leads through sparse, sometimes dense Eifel forest. Then again a wonderful view out into the landscape of the Islek. In front of you, grasses and herbs sway in the wind. And then it is there again, the reservoir, surrounded by the enchanting forest landscape.

„Kuck es loa!“

The Stausee-Prümtalroute (reservoir-Prümtal route) is one of the leisure paths in the NaturWanderPark delux. You will find four places of leisure on your way, where the hermit speaks to you wisely and simply. You will walk in his footsteps, you will follow in his footsteps, you will hear him say "Kuck es loa!" - There, look! - You will discover small treasures along the way, wonders and treasures of creation.


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Marking of the tour:

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More information about this route

Start: Biersdorf am See

Destination: Biersdorf am See

Distance: 17 km

Duration: 4:0 h

Difficulty: medium

Ascent: 582 m

Descent: 582 m

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