Die Frohnertkapelle, © Naturpark Südeifel - Thomas Urbany
  • Distance: 15.5 km
  • Duration: 5:0 h
  • Difficulty: medium



When the French monk and mystic Bernard of Clairvaux visited the Eifel almost nine centuries ago, he was so impressed by the fantastically beautiful Salm Valley that he founded his first monastery here on German soil: the Cistercian monastery of Himmerod. Can you feel it? The spiritual aura is unbroken, a visit to the time-honored abbey grounds gives strength and energy. Not far from the monastery, you will occasionally walk along the theme trail "Preserving Creation", which uses biblical texts to point out the diversity of creation, the forces of nature and natural treasures.

Nature, culture and a hint of the Eifelsteig trail

In keeping with the inner contemplation of a monastic life, this tour is rather quiet and dignified. Forests and open terrain alternate, nature unleashes its magic in every season - a truly sensual experience. Part of the route is on well-maintained paths, but there are also narrow, natural trails that meander along the streams.

On your circular route, you will pass through typical Eifel villages with their very own charm and historical monuments, such as the Biermühle (beer mill), which was renovated with a lot of passion, or the pilgrimage chapel "Frohnert". You should definitely take a detour to beautiful Eisenschmitt and pay a visit to the St. Servatius Church.

The undisputed highlight of the tour and a prominent point on the Eifelsteig is Himmerod Abbey. Take some time to visit the beautiful monastery garden and explore the old water channels, which were created, among other things, to feed the historic fish pond. In addition to fishing, the monastery operations include a nursery and a book and art shop. And finally, the monastery restaurant serves you freshly caught Himmeroder trout, delicious salads from its own cultivation and a soothing monastery liqueur from its own production.


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Along the route

Chapelle Frohnert

Frohnertkapelle Oberkail
In 1646 a replica of the Chapel of the Assumption near Jerusalem was built on the hill between Oberkail and Schwarzenborn. Details ansehen

Himmerod Abbey

Abtei Himmerod, © GesundLand Vulkaneifel GmbH

Pass through the gateway to the centuries-old Himmerod Abbey and discover a time that seems long forgotten. The thick walls and small monastery farms of the Cistercian Abbey in the Salm Valley give you contemplative moments in the middle of the GesundLand Vulkaneifel.

Details ansehen

Gasthaus Zum Holzwurm

Gasthaus Zum Holzwurm in Gransdorf, © Birgit Näckel
Regional Eifel cuisine - seasonal dishes, exclusive wines; Moselle, Ahr & Pfalz Details ansehen
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Distance: 15.5 km

Duration: 5:0 h

Difficulty: medium

Ascent: 310 m

Descent: 310 m

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