Blick vom Musseplatz Beilsturm Neuerburg, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz
  • Distance: 12.7 km
  • Duration: 3:0 h
  • Difficulty: difficult

Neuer-Burg Castle Route


If you want to hike in the NaturWanderPark delux on traces of the Middle Ages, this route is just right for you.

Perched high on the slate spur, the largest preserved castle in the Eifelkreis looks out over the mighty church and castle-like rectory to the marketplace of Neuerburg. The historic town lies in the romantic Enz valley, surrounded by wooded hills, which you will cross on your circular hike.

The start is at the foot of the Beilsturm. Via stone steps you climb the rock and above it the former outwork of the medieval city fortifications. "If only these old stones could tell a story!" runs through your head. At the top, you have an impressive panoramic view from the modern lookout dome that has recently been placed on top.

Climb up over cliffs, past ancient loam oaks clawing into the hillside, to the lookout pulpits high above the city. It's as if the castle were accompanying you, always greeting you from a different angle. And at the latest at the first leisure spot not far from the large pulpit, you will realize that this path has something legendary to tell.

The legendary love story of the knight Kuno and the damsel Ida

On the New Castle Trail you will experience the "source material" of a tale from the Middle Ages. In four acts you will experience a dramatic love story at the leisure places on your way. In medieval-like verses, Knight Kuno von Falkenstein himself tells of his courtship, the ambush of the Count of Vianden, his miraculous rescue through a hollow oak tree and his marriage to the noblewoman Ida in the castle chapel. Rest in the hollow tree, shiver at the vengefulness of the mighty count, snuggle up to each other and enjoy the box seats.

Finally, you will recognize from the little black picture that the legend has true roots and belongs to the tellable cultural heritage of the Eifel town steeped in history. Without further ado, it would have the makings of a Hollywood movie, which - how could it be otherwise - would end with a "happy ending".

"And if you also want to go with your heart, then sit here in leisure or stand. As once our love was our salvation, your happiness will also be calibrated forever."


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  • NaturWanderPark delux Wegmarkierung
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More information about this route

Start: Wanderparkplatz Neuerburg

Destination: Wanderparkplatz Neuerburg

Distance: 12.7 km

Duration: 3:0 h

Difficulty: difficult

Ascent: 539 m

Descent: 539 m

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