Mungelterpfad - Mühlenweg Speicher, © Eifelverein Ortsgruppe Speicher
  • Distance: 6.7 km
  • Duration: 1:50 h
  • Difficulty: easy

Mühlenweg - circular route around Speicher


The trail first leads through the Mungelter Gorge into the Kyll Valley to the Speicher Mill. The flour mill ceased operation in the 1960s after the mill wheel was replaced by a turbine to generate electricity. The chapel at the end of the narrow Mungelter Trail dates from 1700 and is maintained by the Eifelverein. The trail continues along the Kyll past the "water house", from where drinking water used to be pumped to Speicher. At the "Fischerhäuschen", the path can be flooded after long periods of heavy rainfall. In Philippsheim, the trail leaves the Kyll valley at the Laymühle mill and leads back to Speicher via the Laypfädchen. At the "Good Friday Cross", you have a very beautiful wide view over the Kyll valley to the villages of Philippsheim, Gondorf and Badem and Röhl on the opposite side of the valley.

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Marking of the tour:

  • Mühlenweg Speicher, © Tourist-Information Bitburger Land
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More information about this route

Distance: 6.7 km

Duration: 1:50 h

Difficulty: easy

Ascent: 193 m

Descent: 193 m

Eifelverein - Ortsgruppe Speicher

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54662 Speicher
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