Mariengrotte Albach


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East of Bitburg, about 3 km away, lies the Albachtal in an idyllic limestone gorge. Stairs of natural stone (caution: danger of slipping) lead to the enchanted place of the Mariengrotte. Moss, ferns and clover line the path to the left and right. After a short time, the view of a waterfall and the Mariengrotte opens up. The Albach forms several small waterfalls until it flows into the wider Albachtal valley. The biggest waterfall is to be found at the Mariengrotte, which is located in the valley. For generations it has been a place of Marian devotion and a destination for many pilgrims. The oldest tablet dates back to 1940 and there is a small water source in the grotto, which is used by visitors as holy water. At the memorial site, there is also a kneeling Mary on the opposite side of the dominant statue of the Virgin Mary.

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