Ringweg - Klaus-Thiel-Weg in Speicher, © Eifelverein Ortsgruppe Speicher
  • Distance: 42.6 km
  • Duration: 12:10 h
  • Difficulty: difficult

Klaus-Thiel-Weg - circular trail around Speicher


The Klaus Thiel Trail, named after the honorary chairman of the Speicher local group of the Eifelverein, connects or circles all the villages in the Speicher municipality. It begins or ends with the main hiking trail 4 (Felsenweg). With a marathon length of about 42.4 km, you should hike it in several stages. Via the Mungelterpfädchen, the trail first leads to the Speicher mill and through the Kyll valley to Philippsheim. From there, the trail follows the route of the disused narrow-gauge railway through the Kallenbach valley and on to Spangdahlem. The route continues through the Kammerforst to the Lourdes Grotto at
grotto near Beilingen and to Herforst to the reconstruction of a section of the Roman long wall. The trail then leads through the Speicher forest via the Schönfelder and Schalfelder farms to Orenhofen. Via Hosten, the trail reaches the Kyll valley near Auw and leads back to Speicher via the Felsenweg. The trail is the only one not marked with a number, but with a rhombus.


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Marking of the tour:

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More information about this route

Distance: 42.6 km

Duration: 12:10 h

Difficulty: difficult

Ascent: 1,037 m

Descent: 1,037 m

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