Bernhards 1806 - Eifel Dry Gin


THE ORIGIN Directly opposite the small chapel built in 1923 in the Eifel village Wolsfeld is the former farm of Bernhard Zender. This is where the finest Eifel fruit brandies are produced, now in the 7th generation. Already in September 1806 the ancestor Gregore Ewerhardt received the right to distil apples and pears. For two years Bernhard Zender fiddled in the in-house distillery to find the recipe for the gin of his imagination. In the process he tested the intensity of various botanicals during maceration. Again and again he changed the composition until he had developed the perfect flavouring and the secret recipe for BERNHARDS 1806.

SMALL BATCH BERNHARDS 1806 combines traditional handwork and many years of experience. For this reason, this special gin is only bottled individually by hand in very small batches and lovingly finished with an embossed buffalo leather band. In a limited edition - personally signed and numbered by Bernhard Zender - every single bottle of BERNHARDS 1806 becomes a real and true unicum.

HAND DESTILLED BERNHARDS 1806 is a very complex Eifel Dry Gin with the aroma of the typical regional elderberry. Finely coordinated botanicals give it its distinctive and natural note. Bitter, bitter aromas of distilled juniper berries, combined with light citrus tones of coriander and the sweetish honey note of fresh elderflowers, are combined with other selected botanicals to create a refreshing, spicy gin that can be enjoyed on its own or as a long drink. An aromatic walk through an ancient Eifel elderflower grove.

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Bernhards 1806 - Hol under Wach holder
Hubertusstraße 1
54636 Wolsfeld
Phone: (0049) 6568 498

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