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Visit our most famous events in Bitburger Land!

Beda-Markt Exhibition - Called off for this year

Biggest exhibition in South Eifel that presents handicraft, automobiles and agriculture, combined with an entertainment program, book sale, fun fair, Sunday Shopping and much more.

When: 3rd weekend in March (fri/sat/sun)
Where: Bitburg city centre



National and international bestselling authors visit the Eifel to read from their latest books. One of Germany's most important literary events!

When: April to October, in even years
Where: several places throughout the Eifel


SommerHeckMeck Festival

Festival for children and teenagers with theatre and circus performances, workshops, book readings, movie nights, concerts and lots of fun.

When: May to July, in odd years
Where: several places throughout the Eifel and Trier


Hillclimbing Wolsfeld

Traditional car racing on the winding road from Wolsfeld to Wolsfelder Berg.
Come and get a first-hand racing experience!

When: Whit Sunday to Whit Monday
Where: Wolsfeld


Car-Free Event “Nim(m)s Rad”

During “Nim(m)s Rad”, the road along the valley of river Nims is open only to cyclists, inline-skaters and pedestrians. The surrounding villages offer various entertainment programs.

When: Whit Monday
Where: Rittersdorf to Rommersheim


European Folklore Festival

Enjoy four cheerful days with traditional music and dances of international groups from all over the world. Many performances will take place throughout the entire city. 

When: 2nd weekend in July (fri/sat/sun/mon)
Where: Bitburg city centre


Car-Free Event “Kylltal Aktiv”

During “Kylltal Aktiv”, the road along the valley of river Kyll is open only to cyclists, inline-skeaters and pedestrians. The surrounding villages offer various entertainment programs.

When: 3rd Sunday in July
Where: Kyllburg to Lissingen


Bitburg Braderie

Open-air retailer's flea market that gives you the chance to buy new cloths at a bargain price.

When: last Sunday in July
Where: Bitburg city centre


Car Festival, Bitburg Classic & „Gäßestrepper“ Festival

Bitburg Car Festival presents new cars while Bitburg Classic hosts a classic car show in the industrial Park. In the city center, the “Gäßestrepper Festival” celebrates a famous town legend.

When: 1st weekend in September (sat/sun)
Where: Bitburg


Bitburg City Run

Sporting event in which amateur athletes, handicapped people and professional athletes compete with each other. 

When: 2nd Sunday in September
Where: Bitburg


Bitburg Farmers' Market

The largest farmers' market in the region offers a wide range of local products and hand-crafetd items.

When: 2nd Sunday in October
Where: Bitburg


Distillery Day "Wolsfeld brennt"

Information day of Wolsfeld's distilleries where you can try many different types of schnapps and liqueurs, local food and witness the art of distilling.

When: 3rd Sunday in October, in even years
Where: Wolsfeld


Halloween Shopping

Spooky shopping event in the city centre of Bitburg.

When: 31 October
Where: Bitburg city centre


Dudeldorf Christmas Market

The largest Christmas Market in the Eifel is set in the historic town of Dudeldorf. Savour this unique location and its romantic Christmas spirit.

When: 1st weekend in Advent (sat/sun)
Where: Dudeldorf


Bitburg Christmas Market

Take a stroll along the booths, where the aroma of roasted almonds and mulled wine lingers in the air and enjoy the exiting entertainment program on the stage.

When: beginning of December
Where: Bitburg


Adventlicher Stiftsberg

Small Christmas Market in the cloister of Kyllburg collegiate church that offers creative gifts to all visitors.

When: 3rd advent (Sa/So)
Where: Kyllburg

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