Burg Rittersdorf, © Frank Schaal
  • Distance: 11.7 km
  • Duration: 3:15 h
  • Difficulty: medium

South Eifel Nature Park Hiking Trail No. 79 - Rittersdorf


This circular hiking trail of the Southern Eifel Nature Park connects the OG Rittersdorf, Wißmannsdorf-Hermesdorf and Wiersdorf with each other. 

We recommend starting the trail from the car park at Rittersdorf Castle. The hiking trail is marked in two directions so that the hike can be done without a map. The trail leads through the Bitburger Gutland.

There are benches and a refuge for resting. There are several restaurants along the way. 

Route description
The Rittersdorf circular trail No. 79 connects the local communities of Rittersdorf, Wiersdorf and Hermesdorf. Rittersdorf Castle is the ideal starting point for the approx. 12 km long hike.
The route of the circular walk is signposted from both sides, so that every hiker can decide for himself which direction to take. Our hike leads from the castle to the right and we cross the calm waters of the Nims, a tributary of the Prüm, over a bridge. Through Waxweiler Straße we reach a staircase that leads past the parish church of St. Martin. Continuing along Waxweiler Straße, you reach a field path. Here you get a first impression of the Bitburger Gutland, which consists of wide fields and meadows with scattered fruit. At the edge of the path, hikers can see rosehip bushes and sloes here and there. After a short time, you can enjoy a fantastic view, which includes a view of the village of Nattenheim. The hiking trail continues across the plateau, which offers a beautiful panoramic view again and again. In the distance you can see mixed forests, valleys and hills. After crossing a road, the trail descends leisurely into the valley.
The Bitburger Gutland, with its meadows and fields, presents itself again along the way. Again and again you enjoy generous open spaces.
A refuge about 1 km from Wiersdorf is a good place to rest. We follow the field path. In the distance you can see the houses of the community of Biersdorf am See, as well as the tower of St. Martin's Church. The cawing of ravens follows our step. On the left, you can see the Bitburger Land golf resort. Follow the L7 for a short distance, before the crossroads leading to Hermesdorf, marker no. 79 points to the left into a farm track. To the left and right of the path is the golf course. With a bit of luck, you will spot a hare there, which hops quickly across the meadow into a bush. After the large golf course, there are fields and meadows along the way again. From the plateau, you again enjoy a magnificent panoramic view and after a few metres you can see the silhouette of the town of Bitburg on the horizon. A bench invites you to take a break. Along the meadows and fields, where horses and Zackel sheep, with their imposing turned horns, stand, the path leads past the soothing ripple of the Nims. Over a wooden bridge we reach the road Auf Hasselt and then the Bitburger Straße, which leads us back to our starting point.

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Marking of the tour:

  • Markierung, © Naturpark Südeifel
pdf: Wegbeschreibung Nr. 79gpx: Nr. 79pdf: Karte Nr. 79

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More information about this route

Start: Parkplatz Burg Rittersdorf

Destination: Parkplatz Burg Rittersdorf

Distance: 11.7 km

Duration: 3:15 h

Difficulty: medium

Ascent: 192 m

Descent: 192 m

Tourist-Information Bitburger Land

Roemermauer 6
54634 Bitburg
Phone: 0656194340

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