Nature Labyrinth


Dear visitor of our natural labyrinth
Please kindly follow the rules during your stay in our labyrinth:

Admission charge:
Adults 2,50 €
Teenager among 12 years of age 1,50 €
Please charge the money into the box at the cash point. Thank you!

Rules to use the labyrinth:
- Enter the labyrinth at your own risk
- Opening hours are from sunrise until one hour before sunset
- It is not allowed to enter the labyrinth after sunset.
- Please ware firm footwear
- Lead dog(s) on a leash
- Please remove dog feces to protect other visitors to step on it
- Please stay on the official routes
- Please do not break or cut of the plants
- The operator oft he labyrinth reserves himself to close it in case of bad weather conditions
- Smoking, Fire and open flame is strictly forbidden
- Please do not leave any garbage behind

We wish you a pleasent stay at the labyrinth.
By the way: Do not miss to enjoy the view of our lovey village and the forest around the lake!

Your sincerely Family Lausberg
Langheck 20
Biersdorf am See

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