Blick auf den Kalvarienberg und Alendorf an Eifelsteig-Etappe 7, © Eifel Tourismus GmbH, D. Ketz

Eifelsteig Stage 07


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Eifelsteig stage seven starts in Blankenheim, the destination is Mirbach.
Today the hike begins with a surprise. A river rises under a house in the old town of Blankenheim! It is the Ahr, which seeks to find its way like a playful child here. From the source of the Ahr, the Eifelsteig leads you out of the town in the direction of the forest. From the very beginning, you follow the rise and fall of the historical Brotpfad (Bread Trail). What is so special about it? In times gone by, it was used to take bread to Blankenheim to sell it there. Because of this, the traders passed along here at a brusque pace. You are lucky and can take your time today - reaching the next height as well. When you reach the top, you will hardly believe your eyes: a hut - and what a hut! Nobody could miss the Brotpfad-Hütte. You will see it no matter what. One more tip regarding the hut: there is a guest book there, so write you name in it and something of you will remain on the Eifelsteig.
After a break, it’s on through forests and meadows with the horizon slowly becoming more distant. After Alendorf, you conquer the summit at 520 metres in altitude step by step: the Kalvarienberg. A fresh wind will bring a smile to your warm face. You have reached the top and now feel free and proud. The air is so pure up here with the view opening out in every direction that the first thing you do is breath deeply and enjoy the moment. You take a little time for yourself up here and discover short, slender, green trees. Junipers grow here. Every year, there is a festival in Alendorf in honour of them and juniper schnapps is one of the specialities.
The destination for the stage is almost visible from Kalvarienberg. You follow the Mirbach with ease as it happily meanders through the valley and accompanies you to the village. What is that small yet imposing church? Take a chance and look inside! You won’t be disappointed! Thousands of gold mosaic tiles have been arranged here and drown the Chapel of the Redeemer in quite a special light. What a sight!

Tip: between Easter and October, you can also complete Eifelsteig stage seven as a day tour. The Eifelsteig-Wanderbus (Eifelsteig hiking bus) will bring you back to Blankenheim. Alternatively, you can park in Blankenheim, take the Eifelsteig bus to Mirbach and then hike back to Blankenheim. 
The train heading in the direction of Cologne/Trier will take you to Blankenheim forest. From there, there is a bus line to Blankenheim.


Marking of the tour:

  • Wegmarkierung Eifelsteig
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More information about this route

Start: Blankenheim

Destination: Mirbach

Distance: 17.7 km

Duration: 05:00 h

Difficulty: intermediate

Tour-type: Hiking

Ascent: 362 m

Descent: 373 m

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