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Umzug des Folklore Festival

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Visit our most famous events in Bitburger Land!.

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Markierung Eifelverein Felsenweg, © Eifelverein

Eifelverein - Felsenweg 10. Etappe

Lenght: 19.5 km
Route: Mürlenbach to Malberg
Difficulty: intermediate

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Markierung_Mosel-Our-Weg, © Eifelverein

Eifelverein - Mosel-Our-Weg 6. Etappe

Lenght: 15.2 km
Route: Bitburg Dauner Straße to Weidingen
Difficulty: intermediate

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Felsenweg Eifelverein, © Eifelverein

Eifelverein - Felsenweg 11. Etappe

Lenght: 25.4 km
Route: Malberg to Speicher Bahnhofstraße
Difficulty: hard

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