Eifel Literatur Festival - Jean-Luc Bannalec - Bretonischer Ruhm

Jun 21, 2024


Breton fame - This time Commissioner Dupin is heading to the world of winemakers and to the largest lake in Brittany, the Lac de Grand-Lieu. Dupin spends his honeymoon there with Claire. The culinary delights of the wine tour are suddenly interrupted by the murder of a well-known winemaker - the ex-husband of one of Claire's friends.

Venue: Prüm, Wandalbertstrasse (auditorium of the former secondary school)

Start: 8 p.m., entry from 7 p.m Free seats.

 Book tables and book signings at every event.

Admission price: advance booking 27.00 euros/box office 29.00 euros (incl. VAT and advance booking fee) Price reduction: 2.00 euros for schoolchildren and students (upon presentation of a valid ID upon entry) Online via www.eifel-literatur-festival.de or www.ticket-regional.de or ticket telephone Ticket Regional Trier 0651 9790777 Festival information telephone: 06551 2489, Hildesheim bookstore in Prüm

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  • Only at June 21, 2024
    At 20:00


Wandalbertstraße 16
54595 Prüm


LiteraturBüro Eifel e.V.
Wenzelbachstraße 90
54595 Prüm

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