Besser leben ohne Plastik

Nov 18, 2022


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Since the great success of her book "Besser leben ohne Plastik" (Better life without plastic) she has been in demand like never before: Nadine Schubert from Lower Franconia, former radio presenter, is booked for appearances throughout the German-speaking world, is a welcome guest on radio and television and gives lectures on how to avoid plastic.

Now the Spiegel bestselling author has added to this list and presents in "Living even better without plastic" new tips and many suggestions to banish the equally unattractive and harmful "art" material from our lives. This time her focus is on the highly topical subject of microplastics. How much has changed since then in the minds of consumers (and also of entrepreneurs) - you can read about it almost daily in the media. People are shopping more consciously, dispensing with plastic bags and unnecessary packaging. Stores offer loose goods, and some retail chains have introduced laser stamps to avoid plastic labels on fruit and vegetables. "Nevertheless, there is still a lot to do," the author appeals, "a lot is still only possible on one's own initiative.

Her lecture shows what we can do against the big as well as the (micro)small flood of plastic - at home, while shopping, at school or at work - and also presents many new ideas for a more beautiful and healthier life, from plastic fasting to beauty recipes to plastic-free giving. A big portion of zest for action and a lot of desire for new things - for Nadine Schubert these are the most important ingredients for the start into a plastic-free life: "It won't happen overnight. But once the start has been made, a lot of things will soon go by themselves. Go for it!" In her thoroughly entertaining lectures, Nadine Schubert gives many practical tips from the perspective of a mother of two and makes you want to banish plastic from your everyday life. It is important to her to avoid the raised index finger. "It should be fun and must be simple," says the author. And once you have heard the tips, you want to get started quickly". Admission: 19.00 o'clock

Tickets for the event are available in advance at all Ticket - Regional advance booking offices, e.g. at the Tourist Information, Römermauer 6, Bitburg, Tel.: 06561-94340

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